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About Me.

"What ever good things we build, end up building us" - Jim Rohn


First of all, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to scroll through my Resume/Portfolio.

My name is Cesiah, and I have "THE" passion to create.

I am an eclectic  Licensed Interior Architect and Designer in Mexico with experience in commercial and residential projects in USA and Mexico. I am currently, working on my Interior Design (CIDQ) license in the United States.

I am a person that is 110% organized and committed to any activity I perform. I love to create functional and beautiful spaces with evidence-based designs as a holistic approach for optimal human performance and experience. (My hobby is neuropsychology) Technical, creative, analytical, dynamic, and responsible are the words that best define my personality. 





Interior Architecture

University: Gestal Universidad del Diseño Q.Roo,México

“A program that prepares individuals to apply principles of architecture in the structured design of interiors for living, recreation, and business purposes. A professional interior architect also focuses on labor and safety standards, structural systems, architecture, electrical, mechanical, and hydro-sanitary installations, and interior design under high-end professional responsibilities.“

Project Experience



Interior Architect Designer

Briar Cove    2019    RESIDENTIAL   Dallas USA


Teenage Playroom 2022   RESIDENTIAL   Dallas USA


Ferdose Residence  2021 RESIDENTIAL   Dallas USA


Swiss Chalet 2019-2022  VACATIONAL RESIDENTIAL   Colorado USA


Averill Residence 2023 RESIDENTIAL   Dallas Texas USA


Crystal Tulum 2022  VACATIONAL MULTIFAMILY   Tulum Mexico


Dentocoach 2029     HEALTHCARE  Queretaro, Mexico


Allegranza 2018 RESIDENTIAL Playa del Carmen Mexico


Rosalyn  Erika RESIDENTIAL 2019-2020  California USA



HDF (Contract)  Uptown Dallas USA

Saint Ann Remodel Restaurant  2020   HOSPITALITY Dallas USA

Swexan Hotel  2020-2023 HOSPITALITY Dallas USA


HL (Contract)


Sonoma  RESIDENTIAL  2019-2020  California USA

MARYLOU Residence RESIDENTIAL 2019-2020  California USA

Maggie Residence RESIDENTIAL 2019-2020  California USA

AEGEO  Offices   COMMERCIAL  2019-2020  California USA

HOMEROOM Offices COMMERCIAL  2019-2020  California USA

Claudia Residence RESIDENTIAL 2019-2020  California USA


Chris Project. RESIDENTIAL 2019-2020  California USA


Erika RESIDENTIAL 2019-2020  California USA


Studio 11

Interior Designer

The Beachcomber Hotel 2019 HOSPITALITY St. Petes Beach, Florida (USA).

Thompson Hotel  2019 HOSPITALITY  Savannah, Georgia (USA)

Embassy Suites: 2019 HOSPITALITY  Valley Forge, Philadelphia (USA)  .

Marriott Clearwater 2019 HOSPITALITY  St. Petersburg, Florida (USA)  .

Harwood Design Factory

Interior Designer

Te deseo  2017-2019  HOSPITALITY Dallas, USA

Harwood No. 10  Office Building  COMMERCIAL   2017-2019 Dallas, USA

Harwood Arms Pub  COMMERCIAL  2017-2019 Dallas, USA

Mayakoba OHL 

Interior Architect Desiger

Rosewood Villas  2015-2017 HOSPITALITY   Riviera Maya Mexico

Fairmont Heritage Place Apartments 2015-2017 HOSPITALITY Riviera Maya Mexico 

Top Mexico Real Estate

Interior Designer

Villas Bambu 2014  RESIDENTIAL Playa del Carmen Mexico

Academic Projects

Interior Designer

Aroma Cilantro Restaurant  2014 HOSPITALITY Playa del Carmen Mexico

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